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After I got stranded in a seemingly remote place for a few hours, I realized that I really needed to do my part to learn more about auto repair. I started focusing on my auto skills, and before I knew it, I knew enough to change my own oil and fuel filters. After spending a few weekends tweaking my ride, I was even capable of fixing minor issues on my own--without any help. This blog is all about fixing up your car so that you can enjoy the ride you have always wanted. I know that it has helped me to enjoy the road, and I know that it can help you too.

3 Alternatives To Trade In When It Comes Time To Ditch Your Old Car

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If you're getting ready to buy a new car, and the dealership is not interested in a trade in, or perhaps you don't want to bother with it for any number of reasons, then you are probably wondering what to do with the car. You don't want to just let an extra car hang around your garage or driveway. That's not space efficient, not to mention that carrying the extra insurance will be costly, and a waste, especially if you have no need for the extra car. So, here are some ideas about what you can do with it.

Feeling Generous: Donate It To A Charity

If you are not in need of extra money, and you are feeling benevolent, then you should think of donating the car to a charity. This is a really nice thing to do, and it will also help you out when tax time comes around. The donation of the car can be used as a write off. What you should do is contact your favorite charity and ask them if they accept cars. Some charities don't have the ability to accept donated vehicles. What they will do in some cases is arrange for a third party service to handle the car donation and you sign paperwork transferring it over to the charity. If you don't have any particular charity, then seek out one that is located in your city and advertises that they handle used car donations.

Good Shape: Sell It Privately To An Individual

If the car is in good shape, and you would like some money, then a great idea is to sell it on the private market. You can find a private buyer and arrange to sell your car. You can post on places such as Craigslist to find buyers. If you have never sold a car to a private seller before, then you should make sure to visit your states DMV website and get the appropriate forms and a list of what you need to exchange (bill of sale, title, etc...)

Bad Shape: Cash For Junk Cars Is The Solution

If you're car is in bad shape and you don't think that you can sell it (maybe there are severe dents, or really bad engine trouble) then you should just consider selling it to a company that deals with junk cars. They will pay cash for your beater, it doesn't matter if it runs or not. These places are not looking for a nice looking car, or a perfect engine. In most cases these places are going to strip the car for parts, and then sell it. So, they want the raw metal, the tires, the carburetor, transmission, alternator, and all the other parts. But you don't have to worry about piecing out the car, you can just sell it by weight. What most places will do is pay you based on the ton. This way you don't have to get picky and waste time removing parts. You just hand over the car and let them do the rest. You can check out places like Cash For Junk Cars in Miami for more information.


11 May 2017