Things You May Want To Consider When Adding Lights To Your Commercial Truck

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Custom truck lighting can provide a truck with additional work lights, make the truck easier to see at night, or add curb appeal to the vehicle. The lighting your choose can have a significant impact on the end result, so there are some things to consider when looking at custom truck lighting for your rig.  Work Lights Adding work lights to your truck will make it easier to load and unload items, park the truck in dark spots, and improve the ability to work around the truck in the dark.

28 September 2022

Auto Repair Services: The Most Common Vehicle Problems And Their Solutions

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Like other machines, vehicles undergo damage and develop problems from exposure to harsh road conditions. Although new vehicle models are powerful, they tend to have complex systems that require a lot of expertise to repair. As such, you need a professional auto repair mechanic to assess your vehicle damage and recommend repairs. The following are car issues requiring the expertise of an auto mechanic. When the Battery Dies Numerous factors can kill your battery.

20 January 2022

Why It's Important To Use Heavy Truck Towing Services For Semi-Rigs

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You may be traveling along one of your routes as a semi-truck driver and then have major trouble with performance. The engine may go out or the brakes may give you trouble. In these situations, you need to rely on a heavy truck towing company. Here are several reasons why. Access to the Appropriate Tow Truck Your semi-truck weighs a lot. You're looking at thousands of pounds that need to be supported safely.

12 May 2021

Why You Should Look for a Semi-Truck with Advanced Technology

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There are older semi-trucks out there that have very basic technology. Of course, these trucks do still have their benefits. If you're in the market for a semi-truck, however, you should look for a truck that has advanced technology and features—if possible—for the reasons below and more. There are Still Used Options Out There One reason why you might not be overly concerned about buying an advanced semi-truck could be because you are worried that you will have to buy a brand new truck.

18 September 2020

3 Elements Which Add Time To The Car Repair Process

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When you take your vehicle in to get repaired after an accident, it can feel like the repair process takes forever. Understanding how the repair process works following an accident can help you better understand why it is taking time for your vehicle to get fixed. #1 Working with the Insurance Company First, working with the insurance company takes time. When you have been in an accident, the shop has to communicate with both you and your insurance company before doing work on your vehicle.

17 February 2019

How To Remove Tree Sap From Your Car The Right Way


Tree sap is something that just sneaks onto your car without you even noticing it, until you go to wash your car and spot it everywhere. Tree sap can be awful for your car's paint job, especially if you allow it to bake on your car in the sun for days or weeks on end. If you've noticed tree sap on your car, it's imperative that you remove it before it eats away at your clear coat and into your paint.

11 April 2018

Eliminate Key Marks From Your Vehicle's Body

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If an individual keyed the side of your car and faint marks appeared on the vehicle's body as a result and paint is starting to chip near the damaged area, eliminate the damage by buffing the affected area and applying automotive primer and paint over the buffed areas by completing the steps below: Materials You Will Need drop cloths electric buffer rotating buffing pad automotive detergent bucket water sponge mop handheld sponges automotive primer marker automotive paint marker cotton swabs automotive compound Buff The Damaged Area And Clean The Vehicle's Body

3 September 2017