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Things You May Want To Consider When Adding Lights To Your Commercial Truck

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Custom truck lighting can provide a truck with additional work lights, make the truck easier to see at night, or add curb appeal to the vehicle. The lighting your choose can have a significant impact on the end result, so there are some things to consider when looking at custom truck lighting for your rig. 

Work Lights

Adding work lights to your truck will make it easier to load and unload items, park the truck in dark spots, and improve the ability to work around the truck in the dark. Like most of the lighting for commercial semis, work lights can be custom chrome lights, painted to match your truck, or a combination of both. 

Lights meant to increase the efficiency of the truck and make life easier when working at night do not have to be plain utility lights from the local parts store, and some custom lighting options offer better illumination and look great on your rig. Truck chrome shops or mega truck stops often have a large selection of lighting options, so look at what is available and choose the best lights for your situation when adding work lights to your truck.

LED Lighting

Many custom truck lighting options are LED lighting and offer some benefits over standard lights. LED lights last much longer than standard bulbs, are brighter, and offer many different colors and design options.

The light housing may be similar to standard lights, so adding lights that blend in with the ones already on the truck is much less challenging. LED lighting is available for nearly any place on the vehicle, including headlights, tail lights, and clearance lighting. 

In some cases, replacing the standard bulb with an LED option is all that is necessary. However, adding lights that come with housings is a great way to increase the number of lights and make the truck and trailer stand out.

Custom Lighting Installation

When adding custom truck lighting, it is critical that they are wired and installed correctly. If you are uncomfortable working with the electrical system in your truck, you can have a professional mechanic or shop install the lights on the rig for you. 

The type of lights, where you are putting them, and their function are all important, so discuss the lighting and switches for it with the installer so they understand what you want and how it will operate when installed. Sometimes you can purchase the lights, and the installer will put them in for you, but be sure to check because some shops will only install parts they can source.  

Contact a local custom truck lighting service to learn more. 


28 September 2022